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PROJIMO timeline:

bulletNewsletter from the Sierra Madre #57
bulletDuranguito continues to initiate new programs
bulletmovie: "Una mirada diferente"
bulletmovie: Un Centro De Rehabilitacion Participativo
bulletproject evaluation: Geert Cuypers
bulletTelevisa: Mujer, Casos De La Vida Real
makes an episode loosely based on project PROJIMO
bulletAtilano comes to PROJIMO


bulletRose & Jonathan Batzdorff (USA) see prosthetics page
bulletGeert Cuypers (USA)
bulletIsaac Evans-Frantz (USA)
bulletKris Keefer
bulletSusan (Tkatch) Gaetani (USA)
bulletRobyn David (CA)
bulletEileen Wu


VIDEO documentary #1: Una Mirada diferente

This documentary covers 3 CBR projects in Mexico: CAMADDS, Piña Palmera and PROJIMO; and looks at a few families with disabled children who are being served by these projects.

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part1 part 2
part 3 part 4

VIDEO documentary #2: PROJIMO Un Centro De Rehabilitacion Participativo

  video embedded from THIS PAGE

movie is 173 MB, lasts over 1 hour.

This video documentary was made in 2006 by Chris Keefer

Un documental a cerca del Centro de Rehabilitacion fisica participativo PROJIMO, (Programma de Rehabilitacion Organizado por Jovenes Incapacitados de Mexico Occidental) Entrevistas con participantes y imagenes de los talleres de Protesis, Silla de Ruedas, Sala de Terapia, y actividades de Concientizacion.

Kellog's systematization project.


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