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Jesús is a 9 year old boy with cerebral palsy. He was first brought by his mother, Lupita, to the PROJIMO community rehabilitation center in Coyotitan, Mexico, in early 2009. Eventually his mother -- who is single and very poor -- became the program's cook, and she moved there with Jesus and his 3 year old sister. At first Jesus was withdrawn and spoke very little. The level of his intelligence was unclear. But little by little, as he was befriended by other children and integrated into the group, the boy began to speak more. Today he is a happy and adventurous child, eager to learn new skills. This is picture story of one aspect of the boy's progress at PROJIMO. Jesus' rehabilitation has been made possible through assistance from Stichting Liliane Fonds in Holland. [Photos and slideshow by David Werner, advisor to PROJIMO. December 2009. For more information contact healthwrights@igc.org]

At PROJIMO -- a community-​based rehabilita​tion program in rural Mexico run by disabled villagers --Jesus, who has cerebral palsy, learned to use a wheelchair​. His legs are weak and distonic. but he has fair control of his arms and hands. His dream is to learn to walk, be it with a walker or crutches.  Whether he will achieve this goal is uncertain. But in the meantime there're lots of other things he can learn. Jesus' uneven muscle tone causes him to constantly slump forward and to one side.  It takes a concerted effort to raise his head and sit up straight. This wheelchair​, made by disabled workers in the PROJIMO Duranguito wheelchair shop, helps the boy sit straighter -- but it is still a struggle.
Raymundo, leader of the Duranguito shop, makes some final adjustments to Jesus' chair. Berenice, a therapy assistant at PROJIMO, helps Jesus stand upright on a standing frame. But even when strapped in place, Jesus' head and shoulders soon slump far to one side and forward. He needs constant stimulation to keep his head upright.
Virginia, a member of the PROJIMO team, helps Jesus learn to draw and play games on a computer. The boy makes a big effort to hold his head up so he can watch the screen. The use of the computer helps Jesus with both head control and hand-eye coordination. His coordination and self-confidence grew rapidly.
Despite his efforts, Jesus' head sometimes starts to sag. But his excitement increases his muscle tone and helps him straighten up again.
The PROJIMO-Co​yotitan team designed a standing frame for Jesus to use the computer, which is raised to help him lift his head. However, with his muscle imbalance and low tone, Jesus' hips (pelvis) began to flop out to the right side, increasing the leftward tilt of his trunk and head. The hip displaceme​nt also caused knee pain, and the boy began to whimper. Adjustment​s were urgently needed. Jesus took part in modifying his standing frame. Here he sands a support that will be attached (with padding) to the frame, to keep his hips from shifting to the side.
Jesus and Moises, a boy with spina bifida, nail the hip-stabil​izer to the walking frame, while Jesus' mother, Lupita, holds the frame in place. Involvement of disabled children and the family in designing and making their own assistive equipment gives them a sense of pride and control over their rehabilitation. Nemias, a 17-year-ol​d youth from Guatemala who came to PROJIMO for a prosthesis after he lost a leg hitching a ride on a train, gives the boys a hand.
With the new hip stabilizer on his standing frame, Jesus can stand much straighter -- which in turn helps him hold his head more upright. Now, when Jesus plays learning games on the computer, he stands straighter and holds his head up longer. Moises -- who after school helps run the computer skills-learning center at PROJIMO, guides Jesus in learning to read and write, using a fun-based computer program.
Conchita, a PROJIMO leader, watches Moises coach Jesus. Children love learning with Moises because he respects them and enjoys helping them master new skills. He does his best to make rehabilitation functional and fun!    


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