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PROJIMO timeline:

bulletNewsletter from the Sierra Madre #14 Jan. 1982:
bulleta new program "is being planned."
bulletPlayground for all children
bulletWorkers from project Piaxtla start a new CBR project for children in September: proyecto PROJIMO
bullet"Los Pargos de Mazatlán"  visits weekly for rehab and assistive devices
bulletHurricane Paul





from: Chapter 46 of "Disabled Village Children"

The beginning.

No firm date can be quoted for the start of PROJIMO. There is no formal document that established PROJIMO as a legal entity. as of 1990, articles and references claim that PROJIMO was started in 1981. PROJIMO grew out of proyecto Piaxtla, a community-based health program in the Ajoya area. David Werner's books state that: The workers in project Piaxtla were trying to take care of disabled village children with disabilities as well as they could. Some workers were concerned about those children not receiving the help they needed, and decided to start a rehabilitation program.
It is quite likely that this was already happening to some extent before PROJIMO was given an 'official' start in Summer 1982.

Martin Lamarque recalls: "By the spring of the same year, [David Werner] had already hatched the idea of starting a rehab program in Ajoya. The first thing he did was to organize the local kids to build the park using local resources. We sent one local blacksmith to Thailand to learn the bamboo leg making skills, and another one to Nicaragua to be trained in wheelchair making. .../... It was at the beginning of September that PROJIMO got its big launching. Therapists from Stanford came down to help with evaluations, and over a weekend, we must have seen at least the first 40-50 clients."

What is clear from various testimonials is that:

bulletPROJIMO did not spring up suddenly from a vacuum as the first community-based rehabilitation project ever.
Already then, David Werner was traveling the world looking for ideas and solutions, and he had already visited a variety of local projects in several countries.
bulletThere is some contradiction about who was involved exactly when. But the "playground for all" was built by the local children before anything else happened.
bulletThe integration of several services (therapy, prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs) was emphasized from the very start. That - together with its unusual self-management - became the unique signature of PROJIMO.

What made PROJIMO ultimately a household name in the CBR-context is of course David Werner's 2 books "Disabled Village Children" and "Nothing about us without us" and his relentless (and still-ongoing) worldwide promotion of the ideas he presented in them.

Some of the people involved in the beginning of PROJIMO

David Werner
still active in HealthWrights in 2011
Marcelo Acevedo
left PROJIMO in 2006, †2008

Roberto Fajardo


Martin Lamarque
(left PROJIMO in ? , lives in USA)

Florentino Velazquez
Rosita Salcido
still with PROJIMO-Coyotitan in 2011.

PROJIMO workers in Ajoya about 1984 (?), with Ralph Hotchkiss.  'Disabled Village Children' p.515

From the introduction of "Disabled Village Children" (1987)
Key among the PROJIMO team are:
  1. Marcelo Acevedo,
  2. Miguel Alvarez,
  3. Adelina Bastidas,
  4. Roberto Fajardo,
  5. Teresa Gárate,
  6. Bruce Hobson,
  7. Concepción Lara,
  8. Inés León,
  1. Ramon León,
  2. Polo Leyva,
  3. Armando Nevárez,
  4. María Picos,
  5. Adelina Pliego,
  6. Elijio Reyes,
  7. Cecilia Rodríguez,
  8. Josefa Rodríguez,
  1. Concepción Rubio,
  2. Moisés Salas,
  3. Rosa Salcido,
  4. Asunción Soto,
  5. Javier Valverde,
  6. Florentino Velázquez,
  7. Efrain Zamora,
  8. Miguel Zamora.

From the introduction of "Nothing about us without us"  (1998)
About the PROJIMO Team 
Mari Picos + daughter Lluvia  ???  - Armando Nevérez Conchita Lara, Miguel Zamora
+ daughters Camilla + Emily
Marcelo Acevedo (†2008) Irma Llavió (†...) + Jaime Torres Rosita Salcido + patient
Inez Leon Cecilia Rodriguez Mario Carrasco
Martín Pérez Marielos Rosales, child + parent Polo Ribota


David Werner .../... about the proper relationship between disabled people and 'professionals':

'…it is time for non-disabled professionals to recognize the right of disabled persons to self control, and therefore to gracefully step to one side, into a role where they, as professionals, are no longer on top but rather on tap.'

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