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PROJIMO timeline:

bulletNewsletter from the Sierra Madre #51 + #52
bulletDuranguito receives State + national award
bulletconstruction of workshops and quarters completed
bulletState of Nayarit sends apprentices, and
assists them with setting up new workshops
bulletmovie: "Viviendo de Nuevo con Dano Medular"
bulletmovie: "Una Protesis para José"
bulletproject evaluation: Carly Panchura
bulletThe new therapy room is built.
bulletnew website
bulletPaula Gijsman (Ndl.) sends container with donated  equipment.


bulletCarly Panchura (USA)
bulletDavid Kroman (USA)
bulletBoris (Australia)
bulletChelsea (USA)
bulletNatasha (USA)



video documentary: "Return to Life."  /   "Viviendo de Nuevo"

The complete movie: click right bottom corner arrows for full-screen
Spanish language with English subtitles:
Posted on googlevideos by Pure West (Peter Brauer) This is the entire movie (28+ minutes.)
  source page at Pure West

Return to Life After Spinal Injury - Viviendo de Nuevo Con Dano Medular
This instructional documentary is a peer-to-peer guide for how to survive a spinal cord injury in a developing country where there is little access to advanced medical treatment. "Viviendo de Nuevo con Dano Medular" was produced by Pure West working with a team from Projimo, a community based rehabilitation program run by disabled people in northern Mexico.
A serious educational resource dealing with some harsh realities, the movie presents its information with powerful and startling images. However, the tone is never dour or downbeat, but instead, engages us with its lively survivor spirit. This film is being distributed by HealthWrights. Winner Helen Hayes Award Winner 2005 Freddie Award Winner Superfest xxv Winner Picture This Film Festival
posted on YouTube by HealthWrights, in 2 parts.:

2004 video documentary: Una protesis para José

Spanish language, no subtitles
with Windows media player plug-in    
part 1 part 2 part 3

2004  http://www.projimo.org.mx/ 

A second website was published on another server. It was basically a mirror of the first one.

This website has been updated early September 2006.
The information is pretty much the same as on the first website, but looks better with the use of Macromedia Flash applets.

Carly Panchura


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