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Some of these pages may take several minutes to load on a dial-up connection.

How does this work?

  • The listing pages are organized by last name initial + 3 additional categories.
    • Click on the links above to see the listing page for the corresponding initial or category;

  • Within each list, the entries are sorted alphabetically by the composer's last name.
    If I have any documentation for the song, or biography information about the composer, the composer's name will be linked to the work page for that song.  (name = bold, maroon color, and the cursor will change on hover)
    The work page shows whatever information, documentation and / or references I have about the composer and the song.
    If there are several work pages for the same composer, biography information is included ONLY in the first page.
  •  If the composer's last name is NOT linked, then the only documentation I have is a reference, and / or whatever else may be included in the comments on that line of the listing page.
  • To see a work page, RIGHT-click the link in the composer last name
     + 'open in a new tab' or 'open in new window' as you prefer.
    • This avoids you having to reload the table page after every work page.

  • To know what kind of documentation is available, CHECK the 4 columns to the left of the composer name!
    • if the PDF / MIDI / MP3 / VIDEO cells have a "1", the work page will show that documentation.
      For copyrighted songs, those will be samples only! (see FAQs PAGE)

    • If there are only zeros in all 4 columns, there is no documentation of the song itself.
      The work page will show whatever information and / or references I have about the composer and the song.

  • This is a website about Ave Maria songs = music!
    We want to let you hear and see the songs performed. (MIDI, MP3, video)
    Most pages in this website have mediaplayers, and they are set to start playing when you open the page!

    Do not open a second work page with a MIDI player, when you already have one open. 

    Apparently Windows mediaplayer holds on to the sound card as long as the page is open.
    • When you open a second window, you'll see the player move,
    • but you won't hear the music until the other window with an active MIDI player has been closed.
    • If it does happen anyway, just close the first window and the second one will start playing.

Page last modified: August 10, 2013