Love Me For Who I Am   (The Bride)     Love Me for who I am.doc

By: Sharon Rutherford     11-01-1990  


CHORUS:   Won’t you love me for who I am?
                    Not for the gifts I bring to you?
                     Love me for who I am,
                     Not for the gifts I bring to you.   
1. I hide myself in silence,
So you will seek my voice,
Longing for my presence
As a lover for her choice. 
2. “I love you Lord” I hear you say,
But will you wait for me,
When I seem so far away. 

You are My bride
I have chosen you, My love,
Set you apart.
Is My love enough?              


Do you long for Me, waiting patiently?
Or will you turn away,
For someone you can see?
Will you…          



3. I have clothed you in robes of purest white,
Come walk with me, In the way, the Truth, the Light.
Abide in Me, and I will be in you,
If we are one, there’ll be nothing we can’t do.

If you’ll love Me, for Who I Am,
Not for the gifts I bring to you.
Come, Love Me, for Who I Am,
Not for the gifts I bring to you.


Stephen McManus wrote this music for this song.

Did You Mean It, Lord.nwc

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