Timeline & Recommended Reading Order

by Geert Cuypers © 2018-2019

Last updated on January 15, 2019


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  1. I. Introduction
  2. II. Recommended Reading Order
  3. III. Story Review

APPENDIXES:  (Documentation and Arguments)

A. Time references and conflict warnings
Footnotes used to compile the timeline.

B. Creating the timeline. 
The lengthy road to ordering a chaotic Universe.

C. Arguments. 
Why did I include / exclude stories? 

D. Word Searches, Quotes, etc.
Leftovers from the word-searches I used to figure out what & where books belong in this collection.
The essential references from these searches have been moved to the previous pages by cutting & pasting.
These are the 'leftovers' and the remaining references in this page are redundant.
I included this page for completeness, and as an optional reference FYI. 

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SOURCE CREDITS and Acknowledgements:

This timeline is based on several sources, including but not limited to:

  1. About 1 year of dedicated reading and research in Andre Norton’s books;
  2. My thanks and appreciation to Jay Watts, webmaster of  www.andre-norton-books.com for maintaining this website for all these years. Jay Watts has access to most of Andre Norton's estate documents and confirmed that the author did not leave any notes relating to a timeline of the Forerunners Universe.

  3. Maureen O’Brien’s 'multiverse' timeline attempted to tie many of Norton’s pre-1995 works into a single timeline. As may be obvious from my timeline, I don't agree with most of it.  
    I did adopt the ("story title") notation and a few relevant Norton quotes from those pages — courtesy of webmaster Jay Watts, — as no current contact information for Maureen O'Brien is available. 

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Request for Assistance:

Reading Andre Norton is a good pastime but it still takes time; even more so when trying to find specific information. Sometimes, just a few words in an off-hand comment can provide important clues. I'm sure I missed some.

If you can assist with refining this timeline, please do let me know. Mail geert @ avemariasongs . org  [no spaces] and write "Forerunners Universe' in the subject line if you don't want it to end up in my junk folder. 

Geert Cuypers
SF&F-fan on isfdb.org

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